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Couples Engagement Portrait

marissa + mantas | st. johns, fl

you are the best thing, that’s ever been mine.

Taylor Swift. “Mine”

Alpine Groves Park: I met up with Marissa and Mantas for their engagement pictures! The park was beautiful as usual, and this evening we had an added bonus of background music coming from people partying in their boats out on the river AND from their cars in the parking lot. LOL It was not the typical ambience of the park, but it sure made for a fun time!

One of my favorite moments that evening was when I told Mantas he was doing a great job and he replied “thanks, because I’m trying real hard”. : ) I loved the honesty and the sweet reminder of a fiancé getting out of their comfort zone for their bride-to-be.

Their love story started out as high school sweethearts and it continues on with Marissa and Mantas getting married next year in their hometown, Chicago!! Thank you for allowing me to capture part of your story through my lens. Marissa, you will be a GORGEOUS bride! Mantas, you got this! No “trying real hard” for you when it comes to picture time, you are a seasoned male model now!

…..and they lived happily ever after. xoxo


maria + kyle | jacksonville beach, fl

“if the sun refused to SHINE, i would still be loving you. when mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be YOU & ME.” -Led Zeppelin

Excuse me while I take a moment to GUSH about this sweet couple. Maria has one of those personalities that just beams through her smile and welcoming demeanor. Her soul is as beautiful as her outward appearance. And the lucky guy? Kyle, kind-hearted and easy to talk to – they are one of the reasons why we have #couplesgoals.

My favorite part about being behind the lens of these two was getting to see the way Kyle looks at Maria. It was a windy morning that day – We probably spent half the time waiting for the gusts of wind to die down. As Maria had to fight her hair from attacking her face, Kyle was able to just enjoy the moment holding his wife and staring at the woman he loves. Love so good you can see it – the world doesn’t look so bad from this view.

Keep SHINING Maria and Kyle, the world needs your light.

P.S. Want to meet a cool cat? Maria and Kyle helped out the Jacksonville Humane Society during our last hurricane by “babysitting” a cat from the shelter. And as most stories go, they fell in love and adopted this HILARIOUS tuxedo cat they call Cannoli. You can find him on Instagram right meow, probably chilling or talking about something funny.