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Maternity Portrait

treaty oak park | jacksonville maternity photographer

One beautiful mama in Treaty Oak Park with her two babies snug in her womb. This maternity session was a gorgeous evening in downtown Jacksonville, FL to pause and reflect. Maternity photos will always be a favorite moment for me to capture. Because that’s just what they are in our lives, a moment. If not captured, the sweet bump and belly kicks turn into a faint memory, a dream that you try to hold onto. Pregnancy feels like forever until it isn’t, and the baby (or babies!) are here in your arms. The days are long, but the years are short. Cherish the days, capture them.

For more Jacksonville, FL maternity photography join the Wests at Cradle Creek Preserve. Or visit Ponce Inlet where the White family celebrates a new baby brother on the way.

Families Portrait

the callahan family | jacksonville, fl

We have some of Duuuuuval’s finest here. Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL, Tim and Jamie are doing their part to make this town a better place to live. They are raising two handsome little men and are the family behind the Tim Callahan Foundation. Tim was paralyzed from the neck down while playing flag football in 2010. His doctors told him he would never walk again, but Tim and Jamie knew God had bigger plans for him. Three weeks after being told he would live as a functional quadriplegic, Tim took his first steps!! (Whoop Whoop and Hallelujah!)

Tim’s foundation inspires kids through his story of faith and provides young athletes the chance at sports. They host FREE sports camps for boys and girls ages 5-15 and work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Florida to gift new sports equipment for young athletes in need. Learn more about Tim’s story here and how YOU can sponsor a kid in our city here. Let’s DuvALL TOGETHER!

Families Portrait

the hopkins family | st. augustine, fl

I should have known that the owners of Posh Events and Rentals were going to BRING IT! Excuse me while I swoon over these bow ties, velvet tuxedo jackets, flowing chiffon with lace, and the adorable matching plaid waistcoat and trousers. It was a lovely sight to see – and few were able to walk past us without complimenting on how beautiful everyone looked.

We started at Magnolia Avenue to capture the gorgeous tree canopy moments, grabbed some Cuban coffee from the Fountain of Juice and then headed over to Castillo de San Marcos. St. Augustine is a jewel in itself, but it sparkled even brighter with this family strolling down its streets. I hope we all are able to bring a sparkle to the world this year.

Monique’s laugh is BEAUTIFUL! Visually: yes that too, but I am talking audibly.
Adding her laugh to some of my favorite sounds to hear. : )

Portrait senior portraits

morgan’s senior portraits | jacksonville, fl

And now, after everything, I know this: there is a reason I am here, and that reason is bigger than me. So I will carry on with great faith beyond what I can see, in pursuit of bold courage, on the adventure of the journey.

Morgan Harper Nichols (favorite quote from our senior, Morgan)
senior portrait in front of bright pink mural in Jacksonville, FL

This senior portrait session was SO MUCH FUN! I’ll set the scene for you: three girls cruising around downtown Jacksonville looking for the hottest wall murals to spice up Morgan’s senior portraits. If you were driving by in your car or walking past us in San Marco, Riverside, or Five Points, you would have felt like you were witnessing a legit COVERGIRL photoshoot! : ) Well, that’s how it felt for us! Our star graduating senior was ready to take off that face mask and let her beautiful face shine! This girl sparkled. She is not only beautiful, but also funny, kind and positively optimistic. Her senior year has had an unusual start, but girlfriend is holding her head high!

Dear Morgan, 2021 may not hold the senior year you had imagined. I am confident you hold that BOLD COURAGE to take on whatever life brings you after high school. Cheering for you.

oh hey. here are some fun facts about morgan.

favorite songs: “let it all out” by coin & “midnight city” by M83

favorite movie: the chronicles of narnia

favorite tv shows: the office & supernatural

favorite face mask print: cow print

Couples Engagement Portrait

marissa + mantas | st. johns, fl

you are the best thing, that’s ever been mine.

Taylor Swift. “Mine”

Alpine Groves Park: I met up with Marissa and Mantas for their engagement pictures! The park was beautiful as usual, and this evening we had an added bonus of background music coming from people partying in their boats out on the river AND from their cars in the parking lot. LOL It was not the typical ambience of the park, but it sure made for a fun time!

One of my favorite moments that evening was when I told Mantas he was doing a great job and he replied “thanks, because I’m trying real hard”. : ) I loved the honesty and the sweet reminder of a fiancé getting out of their comfort zone for their bride-to-be.

Their love story started out as high school sweethearts and it continues on with Marissa and Mantas getting married next year in their hometown, Chicago!! Thank you for allowing me to capture part of your story through my lens. Marissa, you will be a GORGEOUS bride! Mantas, you got this! No “trying real hard” for you when it comes to picture time, you are a seasoned male model now!

…..and they lived happily ever after. xoxo

Headshot Portrait

maria, maria | st. johns, fl

you know you a star, you can touch the sky


Maria was needing to get some updated headshots and I was needing to check out Durbin Park – so we took a quick joyride down to St. Johns. This little sweet spot did not disappoint. We found some of my favorite elements to work with, in particular fake grass (I heart you astro turf!!).

Maria also stopped by my in-home studio AKA “the front room of my house”. We both enjoyed trading in the outdoor humidity for indoor air conditioning. : ) And as always, I enjoyed taking pictures of this beautiful being that I get to call friend.