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Beach senior portraits

Senior Photos at Ponte Vedra Beach | Jacksonville Senior Photographer

Senior photos off-campus? Yes, please! And the beach was just what we needed to showcase our gorgeous girl, Katelin.

She embodies the definition of people who feel like sunshine. She brings the smiles, hugs and encouragement that inspire you to be a better, bigger person. She shines from the inside out and I was so happy that the sun gave us some time to shine down on her.

Enjoy some of my faves from this PERFECT, glowy, beachy day. Thanks for shining for us, Katelin! xoxo

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Beach Couples Engagement

Engagement Session at Boneyard Beach Talbot Island | Jacksonville Engagement Photographer

Sheriann said “Yes!!” to Will!! And I said “Yesssssss!!! Woohoo!!!!!” when they asked to do their engagement photos at Big Talbot Island State Park’s Boneyard Beach. My first time here, and I would not of had it any other way! These two are so much fun and have the most incredibly funny stories to share. When I asked how they met, they responded with “which time?!” The first time, they both were working at TGIFridays restaurant and the second time..well you have to ask them. Because it’s the BEST story and honestly, they are better storytellers than me. Call it fate or call it Jesus (mmhmmm), these two were destined to be together!

The photos I share here are my first time at Boneyard Beach, and I have been back a BILLION times since. Why not just go to our beloved Ponte Vedra Beach or Jax Beach? I’m glad you asked, and who better to set up this visual than our very own Florida Department of Environmental Protection:

“No skyscrapers are in sight, because the beach tucked into Big Talbot Island State Park is within the bounds of the federally protected area of the Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve. Sculpted by nature, this shoreline boasts 30-foot bluffs and a striking beach peppered with massive driftwood trees that recall images of an elephant graveyard. Appreciate firsthand the power of Mother Nature and discover the benefits of wild coastal ecosystems and their role in storm mitigation and resiliency for the city. Perhaps most importantly, climb a driftwood giant and feel like a kid again.”

Boneyard Beach, I am obsessed with you. Get used to my face or take out a restraining order because I’m gonna keep coming back. Sheriann + Will, I cannot wait to be a part of your very special day!! Venue 841 is going to be overflowing with LOVE and tons and tons of laughter. xoxo

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Beach Families

the rose family | ponte vedra beach, fl

dude, where’s the dunes?

Caroline (pretty mama with the GORGEOUS hair) needed an updated family photo that included the 4th Rose. Their last official family photo was taken in San Diego with some dreamy dunes. We couldn’t fly to San Diego (womp womp), so Guana River State Park was chosen. This beach did not disappoint. We got the dunes AND we scored some beautiful weather and golden hues in the sky. I Guana go back.

Peace out, Roses – it was fun.

Families Maternity

baby west on the way | jacksonville beach, fl

and then there were three!

The world has another West on the way!! If you don’t know Maria and Kyle, let me introduce you to them here. If you do know them, you will agree that the world needs more of these kind of people. Maria and Kyle having a baby is a win for everyone! : ) I am so excited for the love and joy that is about to fill their hearts. AND I am personally very excited to add another West to the group of people I know and love.

We found a fun place (Cradle Creek Preserve) to capture their beautiful baby bump AND we scored some AMAZING “where did this come from?!” weather. We couldn’t stop commenting on how beautiful it was. Temperatures had been reaching the 90’s every day that week, so to NOT be sweating felt like some kind of supernatural phenomenon. Miracle weather, miracle growing in Maria’s belly… it was a good day to capture this growing family.

Au revoir, West Party of 2! See you next time with your little dude!


the grieneisen family | jacksonville beach, fl

A song I heard the ocean sing
A shining light in darkness deep
I prayed a prayer into the tide
And both they soothed me in my sleep

Meet the Grieneisen family! Shelly, the hot mama in red, is one of my sweet friends from UCF who loves jamming out to Phish. She’s a friend you can count on to have a smile on her face with an encouraging spirit. I have had the cool opportunity to see this lady go from being one of my favorite college gals to a super-mom who makes holiday themed shaped pancakes for her littles. : ) Doug, the taller of the two handsome fellas, met Shelly while living in Charlotte, NC. And lucky for us Floridians, Shelly convinced Doug to move to Jacksonville! (hip hip hooray!) He can typically be found out on the golf course, enjoying Florida’s lovely warm weather. As for the two ADORABLE little bundles pictured above and below, they are the energetic and lovable kids that complete this very happy family.


maria + kyle | jacksonville beach, fl

“if the sun refused to SHINE, i would still be loving you. when mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be YOU & ME.” -Led Zeppelin

Excuse me while I take a moment to GUSH about this sweet couple. Maria has one of those personalities that just beams through her smile and welcoming demeanor. Her soul is as beautiful as her outward appearance. And the lucky guy? Kyle, kind-hearted and easy to talk to – they are one of the reasons why we have #couplesgoals.

My favorite part about being behind the lens of these two was getting to see the way Kyle looks at Maria. It was a windy morning that day – We probably spent half the time waiting for the gusts of wind to die down. As Maria had to fight her hair from attacking her face, Kyle was able to just enjoy the moment holding his wife and staring at the woman he loves. Love so good you can see it – the world doesn’t look so bad from this view.

Keep SHINING Maria and Kyle, the world needs your light.

P.S. Want to meet a cool cat? Maria and Kyle helped out the Jacksonville Humane Society during our last hurricane by “babysitting” a cat from the shelter. And as most stories go, they fell in love and adopted this HILARIOUS tuxedo cat they call Cannoli. You can find him on Instagram right meow, probably chilling or talking about something funny.

Maternity Portrait

treaty oak park | jacksonville maternity photographer

One beautiful mama in Treaty Oak Park with her two babies snug in her womb. This maternity session was a gorgeous evening in downtown Jacksonville, FL to pause and reflect. Maternity photos will always be a favorite moment for me to capture. Because that’s just what they are in our lives, a moment. If not captured, the sweet bump and belly kicks turn into a faint memory, a dream that you try to hold onto. Pregnancy feels like forever until it isn’t, and the baby (or babies!) are here in your arms. The days are long, but the years are short. Cherish the days, capture them.

For more Jacksonville, FL maternity photography join the Wests at Cradle Creek Preserve. Or visit Ponce Inlet where the White family celebrates a new baby brother on the way.


the roldan clan | ponce inlet, fl

You may hold my hand a moment, but you hold my heart forever.

The Roldan Clan – they’re my kind of people. Wake up before the break of dawn to see a sunrise? “Let’s do it.” Keep your cool and stay smiling while being attacked by sandflies? “Ahhhh!! We can do this!!” Yeah….so that happened. Florida never disappoints when it comes to unpredictable weather and we ended up with a warmer than normal morning. Turns out, the time we were out there (dawn) and the temperature (a very warm 70s) is the PERFECT time to meet the sandfly, also known as no-see-ums or biting midges.

I thought we only had to worry about the humidity or some random rain cloud. To my delight that morning, we had clear skies and humidity low enough that we wouldn’t be dripping sweat. Let’s just say, sandflies were not on any of our radars and we were not prepared. But when this family makes the effort to get to the beach before the sun rises – turning back is not an option. [insert high-five here] Despite our circumstances, we got some adorable images and we survived to tell the tale, along with our diseased-looking legs that had over 100’s (literally, HUNDREDS!!!) of itchy bites on them.

Floridians: waging the war against humidity, rain AND sandflies – all to get a good family picture. The Roldans are one group of Floridians I proudly stand by.

So what happened after these beautiful pictures? How did you cope with the hundreds of bites on your legs? The winning potion was Cortizone-10. And that same day as the attack, I hopped on Amazon to order multiple bottles of BUG SOOTHER spray because #NEVERAGAIN. Highly recommend this spray, it’s made with essential oils, smells amazing and works! Sandflies, bite on something your own undetectable-seeing-size!